Benze Vacation Club- The Ultimate Solution For Clubbing



Among major national and international players in the vacation industry offering possibly the same things claiming to be the best, it takes something extra, something special to actually stand out and actually be the ‘Best’. Benze Vacation Club seems to have found the key to the ‘best’ lock, which is being able to provide what others just claim to give away.

Benze Vacation Club has not been in the industry and yet have become among the top players of the industry. Benze Vacations Club started its epoch making journey in the year 1999. From our first club at the ECR Road in Chennai, we started the second club at Mount Road and the third club in Coimbatore in the same year. This was followed by the grand opening of our Erode club in 2010. In a relatively short span of time, Benze Vacations Club has redefined luxury and pampering, reaching out to families with an elegant touch of distinguished hospitality. To add on to the pool, recently a branch of the ultimate clubbing destination, BVC India has been opened.

This growth and expansion has been the result of our club members’ overwhelming rejoinder to our conveniences and services. Benze group offers top quality services, tailored to meet the needs and wishes of every single member of a variant family. All our clubs are ornamented with spa, acupuncture swimming pool, children’s play area, free internet connection, indoor and outdoor games and much more, which gives us a competitive edge over others.

We have carved a niche as India’s first family entertainment club and not just a place where you stay when you out to visit different cities; and look forward to the opening of our clubs at several new locations in the near future. We also offer affiliations with many associate clubs, offering our members, an unrivaled variety of vacation escape.

At BVC India, we believe that a resort or club can achieve a status only of being perfect world- class holiday destination, solely on the basis of its offering the optimum combination of exceptional service and attention to detail with a balance of hospitality and customer service goals. Our properties, on the basis of these qualities, have been ratified by our customers and industry experts as a vacation getaway, which go that extra mile to ensure that families enjoy a safe, peaceful, and fun filled vacation. We at Benze Vacation Club ensure that your holiday experience is made a memorable one!


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